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We can put together a photography package of the farewell ceremony of your loved one and create a sentimental keepsake for the family and for those who are absent. Our photographers are always unobtrusive, neatly dressed and professional.

The end product can range from a single or multiple Photo Albums, Photobooks, to an online photogallery or a photomontage with audio voiceovers and music. 

We can also incorporate photographs taken during your loved ones life such as chilhood, graduation, wedding and other photographs that may be of importance in creating a montage of your loved ones life.



Funeral Phtography prices start from £350.

Our Funeral Photography is carried out in a very discreet and professional manner. Our photographers are always smartly dressed, professional and unobtrusive.

The finished service will usually consist of the following:


- few photographs of the deceased (as a child, as a teenager, as a groom) - 5 in total

- arrival of hearse at home or church

- family, friends arriving, entrance into chapel

- Eulogy, Speeches, readings

- graveside ceremony 



Photo & Video Montage prices start from £230

The Montage is a classic way of bringing the memories of your loved ones life into one place to be viewed by

loved ones.

Our montages can consist of photographs or video or a mixture of both, combined with instrumentals and music of your choice and edited in a sophisticated and professional way.An ideal showing to round off an emotional funeral day.



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