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HONOURED.....WITH LOVE !        A Documentary video created for your loved one to be appreciated while they are alive.

Very much like  'This is your life'. 

With this documentary family, friends and well wishers can express thier sentiments and appreciation whilst also telling the story of their loved ones life and achievments whilst the  celebrant is also involved. Ideal for landmark birthdays, retirements

and other special events to be cherished.


Celebrating Your Loved One


"Don't bring me flowers when I've gone" are the words of a famous poem,


A person telling loved ones to appreciate them now not when they pass.


We can put together a documentary telling the story and achievements of your loved one using interviews with family/friends etc from far and near. using photographs,interviews live video, narration and music including in this interviews with the one who is being celebrated.

This is all viewed in our Preserved Legacy Ceremony - a grand event tailored to you and your guests in a large cinema venue.



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